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Welcome to the Castle Doombad wikia!Edit

Castle Doombad is a strategy and tower defense game, where you need to place different traps and minions to kill those pesky heroes and defend the captured princess. The game is created by Grumpy Face studios and published by Adult swim. It is reminiscent of Plants vs Zombies and (another TD game I don't remember...)

For more information about the game, check the Heroes and Traps pages.

There are 5 (6) chapters in the game, Mind Your Manor, Diescraper and Dungeon Dilemma. There are 2 (3) extra chapters being Summer Slaycation, a mode with two princesses, and Endless Knights, which, by the name, is a mode that endlessly goes on. In the Free-To-Slay edition, there is a third extra chapter called Space Madness.

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